3 Life-Balancing Tips For Working Parents


Waking up, feeding the kids, getting them ready for school, doing some cleaning up, clocking in at the office and giving your absolute best every day no matter how tired, exhausted, and energy drained you might be, getting back home and getting a move on the kids' homework and dinner…being a working parent is quite a ride! And if you can currently find yourself within these lines, you should keep reading and find out how to regain some balance into your life.

Tips To Surviving With Intact Sanity

  • Avoid multitasking. While the big majority of articles, guides, and self-improvement books talk about how multitasking is the absolute solution to getting your life back on the track, the truth is struggling to do several things at once is not as beneficial as you might imagine. Instead, you could use blocks of time more efficiently and solely focus on doing a single thing at a time. Work exclusively on that and, by giving 100% to it, you will soon notice a huge difference in your rate of success.

  • Use time limits. No matter what activity you might be focusing on, make sure you assign time limits to it. If you are busy searching for a new aprt time or full time job online, focus on that exclusively and set up a timer for half an hour a day for this activity only. This way, you will force yourself to become more productive and efficient and stop wasting time doing distracting things. Use your phone to set a timer and visit job search sites like the www.zigo.co.za site and take your time to upload your resume, edit it, do changes and updates to it, and search for the positions you are interested in in your own city or area of interest. Since you are a working parent, you will need to focus on locating a new job location as close to your home as possible. For this, you will need to find specific search filters that will allow you to complete your searches following this criterion. You can search by job title, description, or company – many people have very clear working goals in mind and their main desire is to work for multinational companies and make a nice living. Thanks to the large number and diversity of expert job recruiting web sites online, you should be able to find and study quite a few suitable job offers.

  • Keep a calendar for your personal and professional life. This way, you will avoid bifurcating your life because of unavoidable overlaps caused by improper planning of appointments and house chores alike. Keep a common calendar for all of your activities and you will gain better control of your time and schedule and ultimately obtain a better balance in your life. Some working parents find it extremnely helpful to work over the weekends, as they usually have a whole office empty and just for themselves, and they can focus better and get a lot more things done.


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