July 28, 2016 || Mauve Lounge || 5pm

Attendance is free but registration is required
Why you should attend After5ive

Why you should attend After5ive

Are you an entrepreneur, startup founder or business owner? Are you based in the city of Ibadan? Are you working on a cool product and you want to tell people about it? Are you interested in networking with entrepreneurs in the city?

Do you like want to know how the success companies in Ibadan were able to achieve success? Do you want to interact with the MDs and CEOs of those companies? Then join us at this edition of #After5ive holding at Mauve Lounge, Ring Road Ibadan). #After5ive is a startup networking meetup for Ibadan startups. Asides networking activities, the event will feature special panel and Q&A sessions.

This event is strictly by invitation. Get your invites by filling the form below or by texting your name and what you do to 08060887107

There will be free meals and drinks for everyone