An evening at Domino's Pizza Ibadan


My first Domino’s Pizza experience in Nigeria was at an Ikeja outlet in Lagos. I was impressed with the outdoor sitting arrangement that brought memories of restaurants on the streets of Paris and Rome to mind. So when I heard there is an outlet in Ibadan, I knew I just had to visit to ascertain the quality of service, and the quantity of pizza.

To ensure that my review wasn’t biased, I went with my team – 4 in all – so that we could reach a consensus about the place.
I’ve been to several cool restaurants in Nigeria and beyond, but nothing prepared me for the cool application of technology in the restaurant. When I approached one their numerous staff that are in charge of orders, I went with the intention of ordering just one medium-size pizza of any flavour. She however told me about the ongoing 2-for-N3,000 offer. I simply couldn’t resist.
She asked for my name; although she didn’t tell me why, I simply told her Paul, thinking she was “feeling me” and wanted more. I later realised it was just to program the order and prepare the label.
I saw a display screen that allows customers to monitor the status of their orders electronically thus eliminating the usual tradition in restaurants where you have to stand up and walk up to the waitress who often wear a frown on her face.
I was distracted by the ongoing World Cup football match which by the way was attracting more people to the place although only a few people were eating.
Back to the pizza. 
When the lady didn’t beckon and the order didn’t magically appear on my table, I approached her and she handed them over.
The pizza experience
I ordered the Suya flavour and Chicken Peri Peri flavour. Let me explain the strong and weak points of both.
If it is your first pizza experience, please go for the suya flavour because if you don’t like anything else about it, you will take solace in the meat. It however has a slimy fluid that some people (not me) may not like.
For the Chicken Peri Peri flavour, two words best describe it – hot and spicy.
We started with the suya flavour before eating the other flavour. Maybe we were already filled or couldn’t endure the hot pepper anymore, we just couldn’t finish it.
Which is why I will advise that you should order the peppery flavor when you are visiting the place with anyone who is hell bent on emptying your wallet. Believe me when I say such people won’t finish the pizza.
Money matters
I think the place is cost effective if you are going out with a group, anything from 3 and above since you will spend more than #1,000 per person in a good restaurant. But with #3,000, you can get 2 pizzas, order several drinks and save money in the process.
nt layout
There is an array of seats for different purposes and in different sizes, but choose your seat well. We chose the small plastic seats at a corner and we had the staff working behind us. If you concentrate enough, you may even learn the art of pizza making in the process without paying a dime.
There are also seats outside although no one sat there when I visited. I think it was the fear of the unknown that forced people to stay indoors.
The restaurant has a great view that is even more spectacular as evening gradually draws near, which is why I will recommend anytime from 5:30pm as ideal.
Recognizing first timers
It is as simple as ABC. If you see anyone with tongue hanging out of the mouth and trying to figure out how pizza tastes, the person is probably having his or her first pizza experience. There are several people like that at Domino’s Pizza. It is not a bad thing since we all need to learn first before becoming veterans.
When a friend who is currently in Europe and is familiar with Domino’s, saw some of the pictures I took on Instagram, she asked whether Domino’s is now in Nigeria. I confidently replied yes, not forgetting to add that Ibadan too now has an outlet which is up to the standard elsewhere.
My only concern
On the pizza box, there are names of cities where Domino’s is operating. I didn’t see Ibadan which made me ask why?


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