Can Ajimobi rejuvenate Agbowo Shopping Complex?


This morning, I heard an interesting congratulatory message that was aired on Splash FM 105.5 in Ibadan. It was sponsored by traders at the Agbowo Shopping Complex who are congratulating the executive governor of Oyo state, Abiola Ajimobi, on his reelection as governor of the state for a second term.

After congratulating the governor, they enjoined him to work on restoring power supply to the shopping complex. According to them, they’ve not had electricity for about two years.

Too bad you think? Well, not so fast.

Over the weekend, at an interactive session held in Ibadan, I got to know that traders in the shop have not paid any dues for about three years! I couldn’t believe it so I asked those that gave the information that why has the government not done anything to ensure the stubborn occupants pay or are ejected from the building.

In response, I was told the situation has been hijacked by those seeking to score political points and want to paint the governor bad.

“They will say the governor is sending people out of shops again,” the person said.

In 2012, the Oyo state government announced it was rehabilitating the complex that was built by the government of Bola Ige in 1983. The government said there is accumulated decadence in the infrastructure of the expansive Agbowo Shopping complex in Ibadan, coupled with the abuse of some dilapidated structures within the complex which it said were being used for illicit sexual exercise by some teenagers, among other rots in the age-long complex.

Do you know that Agbowo shopping complex is not connected to PHCN? Do you know that the complex is without water? Do you know the place is without security outfit? Do you know about the derelict condition of the building owing to indiscriminate siting of generators by the occupants? Here are just few of what is wrong with the place.

This is what the government said about the complex in 2012, imagine how bad it is now:

“In line with the transformation and reformation agenda of the present government, we decided that the current state of that foremost shopping complex is unacceptable to us. The infrastructure has collapsed completely. The entire property has not been renovated since 1984. The centralized air-conditioning system is moribund. Owners of the shop make use of individual generators, with its hazardous implications. The toilets are bad and stinking.”

With the reelection of Ajimobi, I guess the Agbowo Shopping Complex chapter will be reopened very soon and let’s fold our hands and see if the government can really transform the place into a state-of-the-art complex that will further attract investors into the city.

Or will the governor just fold his hands and continue to watch as the facility deteriorates? Only time will tell.

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