Check out what this crazy Ajumose Bus driver did at Iwo road [PICTURES]


Check out what this crazy Ajumose Bus driver did at Iwo road [PICTURES]

Last evening, what could have turned out to be a serious accident involving many lives was avoided at Iwo road, directly in front of Olowo Ti N Fowosanu building as a very impatient Ajumose bus driver swerved to the other side of the road after nearly hitting a truck.

This development is the latest in the series of annoying driving habits of Ajumose bus drivers who are now known for being reckless behind the wheels, stop anywhere including the middle of the road and acting as if they are above traffic laws.

Looking at the incident yesterday, I began to ask myself why the bus drivers are not doing anything to be reasonable then I found out they could actually be lawless buus drivers who were recruited to join the bus company because of their political affiliation.

Luckily no life was lost yesterday and I can only pray for the umpteenth time that the government in Oyo state would do something urgent to put these guys in check in order to makes in Ibadan safer for everyone – including those paying to be on those buses because it appears as if Ajumose buses are a disaster waiting to happen.

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