Christians in Ibadan mourn Prophet M. O. Salawu’s death


Founder of CAC Revival Center (Agbara Jesu Wa Si Be) died on Monday

This week turned out to be a sad one for the Christian community in Ibadan as news of the death of one of the city’s highly respected ministers of God, Prophet M. O. Salawu got to the public. IBPulse gathered that he died on Mon 18th July 2016 at the age of 74.

If you watch TV a lot, you would have seen his program which has a very catchy introductory music. Agbara Jesu Wa Sibe.

One of the things I love about him was his simplicity and reputation. In this age when pastors and bishops run after politicians, he set himself aside without blemish. Little wonder that there are outpours of encomiums on social media regarding the late minister of God.

There is no official statement yet from the church.

Source: Akerele Wale/Facebook


Source: Bello Armstrong Taiwo/Facebook


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  1. Heaven bound servant of God! A true man of God indeed, simple and so approachable. He spoke the undiluted word of God with power and in trueness of heart, very charitable. Heaven rejoices at your return. Sun re o Baba rere

  2. Though I’m not a member of his church here on earth but all of us are looking for a Greater Church Above, where all Saints are to be gathered, I love his undiluted, unattenuated God’s message from his mouth, telling us the Heart of God, Good night sir, rest on in the bosom of thy Saviour. I praise the Name of Almighty God, thank You Jesus.

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