Couple Of Nigerians Lost Their $50 M Lottery Jackpot


This is the incredible story of a lottery game and of a couple of married Nigerians, Hakeen and Abiola Nosiru, who live in Toronto, Canada, and who accidentally lost their lottery ticket.  

Now, the fact is that lottery ticket was not a common ticket like any other one: it was the luckiest ticket of the week, the ticket with the lucky combination of numbers and which gave its owners $50 million as a lottery jackpot prize.

The two lucky Nigerians accidentally lost it on the floor of a church and they were probably already in tears when a mysterious person returned the ticket to them. Someone who was going to the church notices the ticket and understood it belonged to the Nosiru’s.  

Millionaire Jackpots With Mega Millions Lottery

In the US and in most American Countries the most played and popular lottery games are usually the ones who release the richest prizes. The Mega Millions lottery game is without a doubt one of the most generous as to jackpot prizes.

This important and historically oldest multistate lottery game in the US began its history in 1996 and in a short time it could achieve the golden fame of being the “Big Game” of the US.

Actually, the Mega Millions lottery game implies the participation of 45 States and for this reason it’s the most popular and important game in the US. Not only the great jackpot prize, but also the second prize is normally a millionaire prize.

Millionaire jackpots are assigned to winners whose combination of numbers match the 5+2 set of drawn numbers.

Online Mega Millions Game

Today, the diffusion of the internet reaches all levels to the point that even the most typical lottery games are currently available in the web as online games. playing an online lottery game is not that different than playing offline games, but there are great advantages for players, like the saving of time and efforts.

Actually, online players of Mega Millions games can easily and in all comfort buy online tickets that are as valid as all other offline tickets sold by land based retailers. Each ticket costs $1,00.

On you can easily view in full details all the main and extra features of the Mega Millions lottery game: as you can see, you can also use special game options like the Megaplier game option.

Mega Millions Lottery Rules & Megaplier

In order to take part to the Mega Millions lottery games, players must select a combination of 5+2 numbers. Keep in mind that the 5 numbers are WHITE and that you must pick them up from a range of 1 to 75 numbers. In addition to these basic numbers, you must select 1 GOLD number from a range of 1 to 15 – this golden number is called Mega Ball and it’s the bonus number for the Mega Millions lottery.

Its role is important because it contributes to increase your odds of winning.

Once you selected your lucky numbers, don’t forget to follow the draw event! If you cannot or you miss the TV show about the Mega Millions lottery draw, check the results on megamillions-lotto. Draws take place on Fridays and Tuesdays evening.

Use also the Megaplier game option to increase your odds from 2x up to 5x times.


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