Entrepreneurship delineates theory from practical, says expert


A stakeholder in the Nigerian education sector has described entrepreneurship as the factor that separates theory from practical. Mr. Olukunle Adeosun, representative of the permanent secretary of the ministry of education, said this while speaking at the Second Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) competition of the School of Science, Pade.

He said: “It’s  very pathetic how the Nigeria education sector is churning out half backed graduates yearly, not because they didn’t pass well or they didn’t know what they were thought in school, but simply because they couldn’t apply the theory been learnt in  school in real life scenario/situation.”
He called for an urgent introduction of entrepreneurship at all levels of education so that students in all secondary schools in Oyo state would from 2014, commence public examination in entrepreneurship in line with the federal government’s policy on education which is geared towards reducing unemployment in Nigeria.
He said: “The purpose of introducing entrepreneurship education in secondary school is to empower students to be self-reliant by the time they are leaving school; it would also give them practical understanding of subjects thought, so that they can be useful to their community.” 
He added that Nigeria’s economy could significantly improve if the nation embraces entrepreneurship just like the developed nations of the world.

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