Family planning gaining more acceptance in Ibadan


Women in Ibadan are embracing family planning as means of controlling pregnancy, managing family and improving on their socioeconomic well-being.

Going round some primary health care centres in Ibadan, Nigerian Tribune said there is an appreciable increase in the number of women who are now embracing family planning methods.

“This has, therefore, been made possible with the intervention of the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI), which has over the last four years, sensitised people in five local government areas in Ibadan about the benefit of the health initiative,” it said.

Some of the primary health care facilities visited include the Oopoyeosa Primary Health Care centre, Oopoyeosa; Adifase Primary Health Care Centre, Apata; Sango Primary Health Care Centre, Sango, among others.

Speaking on the intervention of NURHI, one of its officials, Mrs Jumoke Adekogba, said the initiative, which is being sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, focuses on promoting family planning methods in reducing maternal and child mortalities in the state.

“Apart from the area of mortalities, we also sensitise women, including the men, of the benefits of having family planning.

“Family planning does not reduce the number of children a couple wants to have, but it helps space the children, so that the woman can be healthy, while families can build their finances with adequate planning,” Adekogba said.

One of the family planning service providers, Mrs Justina Solademi, who was at the 2 Division Immunisation Centre, Odogbo, for an outreach programme, said it was a good thing that more women now have an idea of what family planning is all about, unlike before the coming of NURHI.

“NURHI has really helped in spreading the message, and a lot of women have now come to realise that the misconceptions about the health initiative are not really there,” Mrs Solademi said, while explaining that the state government must embrace the strategies of NURHI so that other women in the state can benefit.

While testifying to the benefits of family planning, a client at Apata Primary Health Care Centre, Mrs Kemi Ajuwon, said she had had seven children before she became aware of the initiative.

“If I had known about family planning all this while, maybe I would have stopped at three or four children; however, now, I no longer fear I could get pregnant again anytime my husband asked for his ‘due,” Mrs Ajuwon, a provisions seller, said.


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