Fans misinterpreted Sholee for erection – Sean Tizzle


Nigerian hip hop musician, Sean Tizzle has revealed that the hit track, Sholee was not all about erection. According to him, his fans got the message wrong.

“I don’t know why everybody thinks the song is about libido or erection o. I did not even look into that aspect when I penned the song. What I actually meant was about a guy who met a girl in a club and wants to find out if she’s hard or not,” he told Nigerian Tribune.

On the meaning of ‘hard’ he said: As in if she’s got class, if she’s got the look. If she’s really worth all her shakara. You know, when your song is out there doing pretty good, people start to read meanings to it, That also shows that the song is doing well. That fans even took it to be a lewd song. In fact, it is a blessing.

“The song has made me famous. Faster than I ever anticipated.”


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