Funmi Iyanda shone at 30U30 Awards in Ibadan


Ace journalist and internationally acclaimed media personality, Ms Funmi Iyanda was the guest speaker at the maiden edition of the 30 Under 30 awards organized by the Think Oyo Initiative.

The event which was held at the Ibadan Civic Center was aimed at recognizing young Nigerians who are making positive impacts with the goal of spurring others to aim for excellence in their chosen fields.
Iyanda began her speech by recognizing the wide gap that exists between Nigeria of today and the nation while she was growing up.
She then read a letter to those in attendance. In it, she enjoined Nigerian youths to take conversations beyond social media platforms. According to her, a lot of Nigeria’s social media activists cannot say what they tweet about to the faces of those in power.
She added that the nation’s blogosphere is filled with opportunists who only want to gain fame and recognition and use such for personal gains.
Apart from her thoughtful speech, what stood the ace broadcaster out at the event was her poise and elegance.
Despite being above 40 years of age, she said she is still 25 years old in her heart.
She recounted growing up in Ibadan and as a student at the nation’s premier university – the University of Ibadan.


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