Here’s what Oyo govt has been up to recently in health sector

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I discovered that Oyo state government has actually been up to quite interesting things in the health sector.

Fresh registration of private hospitals

Oyo State Commissioner of Health, Dr Azeez Adeduntan has said that all private health facilities will soon be required to freshly register as part of the state government’s drive to curtail medical quackery and preventable deaths.

The monitoring of private hospitals, which he said was a continuous one, he assured was not about payment of registration fees, adding, “payment alone is not the requirement to register a health facility. We are talking about ensuring standards that are within the purview of medicine that people have to follow.”

According to him, “they are killing our people; the standard of care is abysmal. We have places where there is only community health workers pretending to be nurses, laboratory scientists not licensed to work in a medical laboratory and so on.

“And this is why we want to make sure we clean the system so that people can live and get treatment that is the best. No government will keep his hands crossed and say people should continually be killed.”

Dr Adeduntan, who declared that by 2018, Oyo State healthcare delivery will be one of the best in the country, assured that “Oyo state will not be a hiding place for quacks.”


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