How To Safety Store Your Beads And Jewelry


Ahh, the feel of those pretty, round, colorful beads in your hands! Their amazing shine and colors that take you to a whole new creative dimension each time you pull them out of their boxes and bags! The enormous satisfaction you feel every time you get a new bead embroidery stitch with the help of your freshwater pearls and beading lucky beading needle! If you're here, you know what I'm talking about, or at least you are about to soon enough. Now some do it as a hobby; others do it as a way of rounding their budget, and others do it as a primary source of income, having given up their regular jobs and decided to solely focus on the manufacturing of hair ties, necklaces, or bracelets they sell online or offline. But besides the technique, skills, diligence, and creativity, you need another critical details: security. Namely, you need to properly secure your beads, work tools, as well as final products no matter if you are working from home or you have your own shop.

How To Secure Your Beads Jewelry Around The House

Damage, scratching, and tarnishing are juts a few of main types of problems you are likely to confront with, provided you will not store your jewelery components as well as finished pieces of jewelery the right way. Keep in mind you will need to store different kinds of materials separately and always make sure your metal parts will not get mixed together as you will notice them lose their quality. So what's the best way to handle your beads and beads jewelry storage needs? You have several storage solutions at hand:

  • Secure your entire home or shop first. If your front door locks are not high quality, fitted or working properly, or your doors are left unlocked over the night, the rest of your measures inside your home will be rendered useless.

  • Take a look at a few home security tutorials if you are the handyman type and learn how to assess the state of your locks and decided how to upgrade them: install dead bolts, add a secondary lock, opt for a superior grade lock or install a security alarm system if you can afford one. While the written step by step tutorials can be quite detailed, you can also watch video tutorials so you can make sure you are doing the right thing. And since the security of your home is stake, it is best to let professional locksmiths handle everything if you feel overwhelmed. While you can learn how to install a lock on your front door, chances are you will install it the wrong way and end up with a misaligned frame/lock that will get jammed all the time.

  • This will most likely force you to contact Houston emergency locksmith services and spend extra – and as efficient and fast these services can be, why use the when you can get everything rightfully installed in the first place. A local Houston locksmith for example can install fresh dead bolt locks, repair them, cut copy and master keys, and recommend the best alarm systems for your home or small manufacturing shop.

  • Once your windows and doors are secured, install locks or padlocks on the cabinets or drawers used to keep your beads, jewelry and work tools in.

  • Use boxes that have built in compartments that will allow you to organize your beads and findings made out of transparent plastic. Do not mix different metals in the same box and have them labeled for easy findings.

  • Use jewellery storage bags if you need to travel with your beads all the time. Use their pockets for your tolls and perfectly fit them in flat storage boxes.


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