Ibadan acts are not doing enough – Don T

Ace broadcaster, Tony Rowland Awobode popular known as Don T has said Ibadan-based musicians are not doing enough to get their songs promoted. In an exclusive interview with IBPulse.com, he said getting songs played on air is a deliberate action; he added that having great songs is no longer enough to promote an artiste.

He said: “Ordinarily, a radio presenter would like to play 10 songs. He would have to choose the songs carefully. He would ask himself “What songs do I play? One that is already established?” if you have four songs like that, you are left with 6.
“Out of the remaining six, by popular demand, you would choose three, that makes it 7 so you have 3 slots left. You have a lot of people trying to key into that space. Probably you would have one left and the rest would suffer and cry.”

He enjoins Ibadan acts to strive to get promoted.
“Anyone that feels like they are indigenous and not being promoted, they should try and do enough to make those people play their song. It is deliberate – it’s either you pay for it I mean get it done properly at a low cost or high cost; you have to get it done. Then you will create a structure,” he told IBPulse.com
He added that the system is to blame for the inability of the city to produce more internationally acclaimed acts like Maintain and Sasha P.
He said: “I’ll say blame the system. Lagos is the commercial nerve center; you cannot take that away from Lagos. Now for an artiste to survive, you have to pay for your recording, the structure, good video, and get it promoted. 
“The guys in Lagos have all the opportunities to get their music promoted. They can tap into the funds available. They have sponsorships and entrepreneurs that are ready to invest. It is easier to operate in Lagos than in Ibadan.
“Ibadan artiste struggle to shoot videos, and they have one or two low budget shows in a month unlike Lagos where all the companies have product launch and they want them promoted. Money is always circulating in Lagos and the guys can shoot better videos and make investments.”


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  1. I believe the Ibadan artistes just need people with little money to invest in them. Agreed most of the corporate money is in Lagos. But that shouldn’t stop all the other companies in Ibadan from their little to help our artistes. Ibadan still has enough corporations to make the industry vibrant. Like Don T rightly said, IB artistes need to do more in getting their music played on the radio & tv.

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