Ibadan-based director bags 2 Nigerian Music Video Awards nominations


Ibadan-based director bags 2 Nigerian Music Video Awards nominations

Bi Won Ba Gather a Gospel Music Video by Gbade Adetisola and Directed by Oladipo O’Fresh of freshpromultimedia has received two nominations at the Nigeria Music Video Awards this year. The video is nominated for The Best Use of Visual Effect which O’Fresh won last year, and it is also nominated for Best Editor.

Check out the very cool video below.

The director told he needs your support to win these categories as impossibility is nothing.

To vote visit http://vote.nmva.net/ check the mentioned categories and click vote.

HOW TO VOTE: swipe/scroll down to the point where you can see the categories check the circular box in front of our names and then click vote and that’s it.

CAUTION: be very careful as you swipe/scroll when using Mobile so as not to vote someone else

“We need your vote people… This is an unusual move of God… A gospel video standing in the midst of the secular… Isn’t a usual thing… Thanks for your vote,” O’Fresh told IBPulse.

Voting ends on Monday 14th December 2015

Scroll down to BEST EDITOR vote for Oladipo O’Fresh – BI WON BA GATHER by Gbade Adetisola

And then scroll to BEST USE OF VISUAL EFFECTS  and vote for Gbade Adetisola РBI WON BA GATHER

Everything in less than 2mins. Thanks for the love.


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