IBPulse mourns Dipo Famakinwa, Director General of DAWN Commission


No one is as humble, accessible, supportive, and visionary as Uncle Dipo Famakinwa, DG of DAWN Commission – now late.

This afternoon, someone asked me to confirm the demise of Uncle Dipo Famakinwa, who is the Director General of DAWN Commission and I was scared to find out the truth because of the remotest possibility of the news being true as confirmed by Premium Times and PUNCH.

To me and several others, Uncle Famakinwa, My Oga, as I always fondly call him is the biggest supporter you can get. I can’t even begin to tell you about how much I’ve benefited from him. To give you a hint, he was the Chairman at my wedding and several other youths can attest to the fact that he is an active supporter of the Nigerian youth.

I am not yet ready to start referring to him in the past tense.

According to media report and conversations that I’ve had with people close to him, he died this morning as they were preparing to take him out of the country for treatment.

Through his visionary leadership, DAWN Commission has become an institutional driving force that is championing the integration and cohesive integration of the southwest region of Nigeria – identifying collaborative opportunities and partnering with stakeholders. He is one of the very few voices that in support of active youth participation and actively throwing his weight behind good projects including IBPulse’s After5ive.

You can read his vision for Oyo state here.

This last tweet from him perfectly sums up his dream for the southwest region of the country – One Bloc

My heart goes out to his family, loved ones and the DAWN Commission. This isn’t only their loss, we all mourn him.

May his gentle soul find eternal peace.



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