Joining the Digital Train and Leveraging Tech: introducing Open House


Ibadan-based iBridge Hub hosts Subomi Plumptre at Open House

In a few years, the ongoing digital revolution will be complete. There will be no differentiating between traditional and new media; businesses will have fully transitioned and operate on digital platforms; the growth and sustainability of ideas, businesses, careers, even the realization of some social causes we champion will rely heavily on how we can project and realize them, using digital tools. The entire world will be one huge ball of globalization, digitally. Knowing this, the decision becomes really simple: if we want to be here, active, and relevant in the nearest future that is increasingly becoming the now, the acquisition of digital knowledge and skills is something we must pursue. Therefore, we join the digital train.

Introducing Open House

Open House is a platform for stakeholders in the digital and technological sphere in the city of Ibadan to meet, connect, learn, and work on, and for solutions, leveraging technology and harnessing the power of digital platforms. At this event, Subomi Plumptre, Head of Corporate Strategy and Social Media Practices at Alder Consulting will host a seminar with focus on the importance of strategic use of technology in this era, brand building and sustenance through the use of social media, the power of ideas and how they can be nurtured from inception till their full potentials are realized, and on how businesses can leverage technology to achieve their goals.

What You should Expect

Open House will hold on 27 August 2016 at Nustreams Conference and Culture Centre, Km 110 Alalubosa GRA, Dugbe/Apata Road, Ibadan. Present at this event will be developers, digital journalists, social entrepreneurs, professionals in the corporate world, business owners, marketers, event educators, and our Summer of Code Students.

Summer of Code (SoC), a summer school programme delivered in partnership with by Co-creation Hub Nigeria to train children between the ages of 5 – 18 years, is a programme designed to redefine education through technology. Students are trained on the use of tech to develop creative solutions.

At Open House, these students will present some of the projects they have engaged in during the Summer of Code programme; Beta platforms will be given to the public on latest developments from the iBridge Hub; interaction, networking, and clinching worthwhile partnerships will take place; participants shall gain a new level of digital education from our Subomi Plumptre.

Why You should be There

You should be at this event if you’re interested in leveraging technology to improve your career and business and want to be part of the on-going digital revolution. You should be at this event if you’ll like to learn how to passionately follow your idea till its potentials are realized and you care to know how to grow and sustain your business, brand it, and carve a niche for yourself. You should be there, really, if you’ll like to part of the future!

Open House is a much needed platform for knowledge-sharing, and we desire to learn, connect, and forge partnerships that’ll lead to individual and corporate action. Through this event, we hope to start a roaring fire of development in the city of Ibadan, through the spark of inspiration and healthy business partnerships.


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