Lam Adesina exemplified selfless service to the people – son


Dapo Lam Adesina, Oyo state commissioner for industries, science and technology has described the late Lam Adesina as a politician who was committed to the well being of the masses through selfless service. 

In an exclusive interview with he said the late former governor of Oyo state and chieftain of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) and Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) taught him that at the outset, people may be difficult to lead but at the end, a good leader will always be justified.
He said: “Lam Adesina taught me about service to the people; selfless service to the masses. That’s what it is. When you serve the people, they may be difficult at first. People may blackmail you for doing the right thing, people might crucify you but when you stand on the fact that truth is constant all of the time, at the end of it all you will be justified. People will praise you.”
He told that the plight of a good leader is similar to what were recorded in the Holy Bible and Holy Quran.
“You must also remember that there is nobody that was not crucified. Even Jesus Christ came and they crucified him, Mohammed came and they crucified him. So who are we? We are humans,” he told
He added: “Just do your best to the best of your ability. Try to turn around things wherever you find yourself and at the end of the day you will be celebrated.”
Concerning his political ambition for 2015, he said it still early and he is currently focused on his present assignment.

“I’m not God. We are still in 2013, 2015 is still a long time from now. Let’s do the one we are doing here first,” he told


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