Mapathon to identify accredited public health facilities in Oyo state set for launch


map of oyo stateOyo state is set to hold a mapathon exercise aimed at identifying accredited public health facilities across the state.

In a statement made available to, organisers of the exercise, the TinkOyo Initiative, said the exercise would involve all local governments in the state with the goal of putting the facilities on Open Street Maps.

“This exercise would also cover the addition of some other places of interest in the immediate surroundings of each public health facility. Other places of interest include schools, boreholes, rivers, streams, churches, mosques, eateries, restaurants, major roads and other landmarks,” the organisers stated.

The goal of the initiative is to enlist all the public health facilities in Oyo State on the map in order to make detailed information available on demand.

Organisers said: “Putting Oyo State on the map through the proposed Health Mapathon would enable health workers respond swiftly to health related issues such as disease outbreaks and natural disasters using the data collected by analysing the affected areas. It would also open up Oyo state to the International community and relief organisations who may leverage on such technologies to coordinate their relief efforts.”

Starting from Ibadan, the initiative would kickoff with the recruitment of mapping teams. They will be trained on how to use the OSM tools to make maps, after which they will be equipped and then sent into the field to gather the required information.

“The information gathered would be crosschecked and then uploaded to Open Street Maps. Once they are approved, it would be made available to everyone all over the world to use and improve upon. The teams would comprise young citizens of the state between the age of 16 to 29 years old,” organisers said.

“The resulting maps from the exercise would serve as a very valuable tool to foreign investors wishing to expand into Africa to make decisions on where best to cite their infrastructure based on information gathered from the maps.”


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