Oyo citizens react to Barr Bayo Shittu's #MinisterialScreening performance


Oyo citizens react to Barr Bayo Shittu’s #MinisterialScreening performance

It’s no longer news that Barrister Bayo Shittu is the ministerial nominee from Oyo state although it appears the governor of the state Abiola Ajimobi had no hands in Shittu’s emergence – as the candidate appeared to have been selected by President Muhammadu Buhari in recognition of Shittu’s roles in the president’s former party – the CPC.

So, like many other citizens of the state, I waited patiently for Shittu’s screening and when he finally appeared before the house, I wasn’t impressed with his performance. Luckily enough, I wasn’t the only one as many Nigerians, especially those from Oyo state believe Shittu isn’t a good representation of Oyo state’s intelligentsia and academia.

So I scouted the internet for comments on Shittu’s performance. Here are some of them.

Tunde Akogun said Shittu is “tactless and naive”

Honorable Adeoti Abiodun Adeniyi however believes that “Shittu is eminently qualified to be a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Abdul Hasib Suenu also wrote in support of the barrister. He made the underlisted points:

1. Shittu performed excellently. In fact, I score him an 8/10. He canvassed his opinions with all sincerity and clarity.

2. Anyone’s disagreement with his ideas should be a subject of debate and not a yardstick to declare his incompetence.

3. I also find it very disturbing that the Senators had to focus many of the questions on his religious perception. I wonder why only perceived Muslim figures are the ones that are subjected to such scrutiny. We’ve equally had committed Pastors with no one questioning their religiousity in any manner.

4. To be as frank as Shittu, I strongly believe that his unambiguous image of Islam and the opinions he canvassed about it brought about the natural hate majority are pouring against him.

5. If anyone disagrees with (4), then I challenge the person to provide just a single acceptable ground that suggests his incompetence.

Without playing to the gallery, I believe the barrister’s greatest undoing is his religious bias and Akanbi Wasiu Seun share same thoughts with me when he said: ” I Will Think He His Religion Bias.”

Another issue of concern as far as I’m concerned was his comment on the Boko Haram insurgency in the country. He appeared to be speaking for the terrorists. Regarding this, Dolapo Adeniran said: “If you’re not ready to die for this country, you have no business trying to serve at that level. His own statement on BH disqualified him. You can imagine if he is the next defence minister or AG/MoJ.”

Folorunsho Tahir Hamsat shared same thought. He also believe the comment on Boko Haram was the barrister’s biggest flaw.

“But for the cowardly response to questions on Boko Haram. He did well, being tactical.”

On the overall, the submission of many citizens is in line with that of Moshood Odunayo Olajide.

“His performance was below par and his intellect and articulating prowess was shallow,” Olajide said.

Adisar Habeeb Olutayo-Hernandez took it further: “He fumbled, he answered most of the questions unintelligently and timidly. He can only get a junior minister position if the senate approves him.”

Oluwatimilehin Boyinde added: “[He was] off key, goofy, uninspiring, jumpy, incapable and above all, unintelligent. NOT fit to be a Minister in the Era of Change.”

Fawale Akinlara made an interesting observation about the nominee’s opening remark.

“A bit of mediocrity was demonstrated the way he started out patronising the senators. Within the first 3min of his opening remarks he repeated the statement “I believe this house is the best senate house on the soil of Africa”. That for me is a smack of mediocrity.”

But Isiaka Kehinde made an interesting and lengthy observation that may compel us to assess Shittu differently.

He said: “Anybody comparing Shittu with Fashola or Fayemi is missing it. Real men don’t need assertive training. They can be rude, even uncouth, they don’t need any rehearsals, they appear on stage in their true form. It’s easy to read them even through their faces. Such is Shittu stuff. The other two are smart Alec. They have strategy. It is difficult to do discover their foibles. They can be likened to a fly by night operators. Shittu only reminded me of late Gani Fawehinmi. Such people have noticeable flaws. They may not impress the ‘impressionables’ but I bet they can be trusted. If Shittu is to do the screening a thousand time, he will continue to be frank to a fault. With good hands to support him, he will excel. People with strategy will always floor him in any debate but he will beat them in character contest. From the little I could glean from him, he may not be a religious bigot as many are made to believe but he will always stand to be known for what he believes in. He needs to talk less anyway. He really will like to prove the cynics wrong. I wish him success.”

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