Oyo state's Pacesetter Transport Services has no online presence

The website of Oyo state government-owned transport company, the Pacesetter Transport Services is down. IBPulse.com’s investigation revealed that the developer of the website only paid for a year hosting plan.

The hosting plan means the website became unavailable as soon as the period expired. It is therefore impossible to get any information about the company without visiting the offices at Old Testing Ground, Eleyele, Ibadan.

The concept behind the popular Ajumose was ‘imported’ from Lagos where the BRT buses are making transport easier and quicker. There is a functioning website for the 7-year old LagBus company.
Although the buses are now in Ibadan, the structure of the bus transport service is characterised with numerous problems, one of which is the non-availability of designated bus stations and parks.
Ajumose buses are operating like the commercial buses and are stopping everywhere and creating traffic woes, thus necessitating the need for bus stations. The state government commenced the park project although it is now largely abandoned.
Furthermore, the transport company cannot even maintain an ordinary Facebook or Twitter account, the last official Facebook post was posted in 2012! This could explain the chaotic manner in which the buses are now operating.
Even though private cars could be impounded under the Iwo road bridge, Ajumose buses are parking and loading there. Passengers are alighting right in the middle of the road at Agodi Gate, and fake drugs and herbal mixtures are being advertised on the buses.
As if things can’t get worse, the bus staff members act like the typical Agberos when interacting with passengers and sometimes, they disenfranchise students from getting on the buses claiming they will occupy spaces that passengers that will pay could occupy.
There is also discrimination with passenger preference as the ‘conductors’ sometimes prevent passengers that will only pay #20 from boarding the bus, preferring those that will pay #50.
A lot is currently wrong in the model of the bus transport service, necessitating the need to really understudy the Lagos model and engage learned and experienced transport experts instead of converting Agberos as is being done in the company.

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