Palms Shopping Mall Ibadan – Night versus Day [PICTURES]


If you are one of those wondering whether to visit Palms Shopping Mall during the day or at night, these pictures would help you make that decision.

Palms Shopping Mall During The Day

If you have a particular thing that you want to buy or see somewhere in the mall, I think it is much better if you go during the day considering the fact that all of them are expected to be opened during that time of the day. Furthermore, the queues are much shorter and like it happened to me when I visited the KFC outlet at the mall, you may be the only customer they will be attending to when you come around.

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Palms Shopping Mall at Night

The mall is a great sight to behold at night – the lights are awesome, the temperature is very cool and you can relax while walking from one place to another. You can ride the escalator for as long as you want without having someone look at you as if you are from the village. Which is why going in the evening is ideal for relaxation and exploration. If you are taking your date along, evening is the best time to visit the mall.

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