RCC begins construction work on Lagos-Ibadan expressway


International engineering and construction company, RCC has commenced work on a segment of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

To avoid causing major obstruction along Nigeria’s busiest highway, the company decided to start with the middle section of the road thus allowing free flow of traffic on both lanes.

When IBPulse.com plied the road yesterday, the construction staff were busy filling the different layers of the middle section with sands, gravels and concrete before finally adding the topmost tar layer.

While the workers are working to ensure that there is minimal impedance to traffic flow, the dust emanating from the ongoing project is a major subject of concern as it puts individuals plying the road, especially those with underlying health conditions such as asthma at great risk.

Furthermore, the presence of construction workers on site put an end to the widespread insinuations that the federal government of Nigeria and may not be able to afford the cost of the project.

Duration of the project is another issue. With the rather slow pace of work but attention to details by the construction company, the project may take more than a year to be completed. Also many road users believe that the politicization of the project in the media may suggest that the government may want to score political points by completing and commission the project when the nation is ready for the 2015 Presidential Elections.


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