Groups suspected to be the cruel Badoo Boys that ravaged Ikorodu community in Lagos are reportedly in Ibadan and have killed about 6 people already. However, the state government is yet to make an official comment on the matter coupled with a commitment to quickly stamp out the group in the city.

Governor Seyi Makinde has been dealing with quite a number of issues since his inauguration, but there is one that requires urgent attention, it is insecurity.

This week, Oyo State Police Command urged Ibadan residents to stay calm over recent killings being linked to ‘Badoo boys’ that once terrorized Ikorodu in Lagos State.

According to media reports monitored by IBPulse in Ibadan, residents of Abatakan, Ojoo, Fatokun, Moniya, Olomowewe, and Akingbile have been living in fear in the last few days. About six people have been reportedly killed in three operations in the last month by hoodlums suspected to be members of the gang in different locations in the affected areas.

A woman was reportedly hospitalized with a very deep cut allegedly sustained after she was attacked by the hoodlums.

Spokesman for the Nigeria Police Force in the state, Olugbenga Fadeyi, appealed to residents not to entertain any fear over this development as the police will apprehend the suspects soonest.

“Residents of the state, including journalists, should not be too quick to compare the operation of these attackers to that of Badoo boys of the Ikorodu, Lagos, experience. We should not engage in anything that will create fear in the hearts of the people,” he said.

“I am saying this because people tend to believe the story and maybe running helter-skelter when the case has not actually degenerated to that level.

“Already, the command is clamping down on some suspects; very soon, the police authority will definitely parade them. Again, people should be ready to assist the police with credible information though we have our officers, both uniformed and others in the neighbourhoods.”

Security under Seyi Makinde

While Makinde has not said anything regarding the loss of lives, Since his inauguration, Makinde has not dealt with any major security threat. Moreover, he has consistently pledged his support for security officials. This week, he approved the procurement of 100 Kia Rio automatic transmission executive patrol vehicles claiming the vehicles would make security agencies to be more responsive.

The cost implication of the vehicles stood at N832,650,000.

“Our admin places a high premium on peace, safety and security of lives and property. Meaningful development can’t take place without adequate security,” Makinde said recently.

Also during a visit to the Oyo State Joint Security Task Force (Operation Burst) Headquarters in July, he also reiterated his government’s commitment to support the task force to carry out its duties effectively.

“We will provide the resources they need,” Makinde stated.

But with several lives already lost, stakeholders are anticipating how the governor would manage this security crisis. Will it be ended as soon as possible or will it be allowed to escalate even further, claiming more lives—probably including those of the electorate that got him elected.


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