#ShareaCokeNG madness hits Shoprite stores in Ibadan


Whoever gave Coca-Cola the idea to introduce the global #ShareaCoke campaign to Nigeria really deserves a raise, and promotion. This is because the campaign has opened a new frontier in shopping madness in Nigeria, including Ibadan.

Few days back, I was at the Shoprite store located at Cocoa Mall at Dugbe, I couldn’t help but notice the frantic search for names at the different spots where the Coco-Cola pet bottles were located.

“These people no dey shame,” I told myself.

But on closer observation I saw that lovers were actually having fun rummaging through the shelves for bottles with their names written on it. I guess the enthusiasm of the search and the sense of fulfillment when you finally see the bottle that has your name written on it could be exhilarating.

Yet I wasn’t interested.

When I bought all I had in mind, I made my way to the pay point, around which was yet another spot where the bottles were and people could be seen looking for their names. I looked away but my attention went back to the bottles when I saw one that has Paul written on it sitting right on the shelf and undisturbed. I couldn’t resist the urge to claim my name and get what belongs to me before one Paulina would call herself Paul.

The fun is harmless and everyone involved seems to be enjoying it – something that is much needed in this era of serious politics. If situations around us are too grave that it becomes hard to smile, seeing your name on a bottle of Coke could make you happy as you await the day your name would appear on Forbes’ list.

Check out fellow Ibadan people searching for their names at Shoprite.

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