Shoprite may open another outlet in Ibadan


Shoprite may open another outlet in Ibadan

It is possible for Ibadan to get another Shoprite outlet as the company recently announced it will be opening 14 new outlets in Nigeria. This is confirming the fact that Nigerians love Shoprite.

According to Whitey Basson, chief executive of Shoprite which is Africa’s largest retailer, Nigeria will get 14 new stores in the next 20 months. He added that the company is also building a distribution centre in Nigeria – the center is aimed at moving goods faster as imports into Nigeria can be delayed in ports for up to three months or so.

In case you don’t know, West Africa’s largest Shoprite outlet is in Ibadan – the one at Ring Road. You can check it out here.

Shoprite also revealed that it plans to add another 35 stores this year to the 189 it has in the rest of Africa, hoping to improve on the 16 percent contribution that Africa ex-South Africa makes to its profits. Last year it opened 20 stores outside South Africa.

“It usually takes three to five years for countries to change from pavement shopping to using supermarkets,” Reuters quoted Basson


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