Should we expect Ajimobi-Obama billboards in Ibadan?


Should we expect Ajimobi – Obama billboards in Ibadan?

Last week I saw the picture of Imo state governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha having a warm handshake with US President Barack Obama while President Muhammadu Buhari smiles.

On Facebook I casually predicted that picture would soon be on billboards across Owerri. Alas, it happened!

So, few days ago, I saw a picture of Oyo state governor Abiola Ajimobi shaking US President Barack Obama and looking at how good the picture looks, I’m beginning to suspect that we will soon see it on billboards across the Ibadan metropolis.

I know the supporters of the governor are already happy with the picture but I don’t think it will make sense to be putting up such because whatever does not benefit the citizens directly is just showmanship and unnecessary ‘achievement’.

I am still trying to figure out what the governor went to do in USA with President Buhari but that is a story for another day. I also found quite fascinating to note that he also went with a personal photographer (I guess capturing the moment was quite important).

Anyway, the governor should try and give us some of the things he saw in Washington DC. He shouldn’t ignore the fact that refuses are not dumped on the roads and there no political traffic officers pursuing and chasing motorcyclists on the roads of the capital city.

Furthermore, beggars are not turning bridges in Washington DC to homes as we have in Mokola… There are more ills in this city that they don’t have over there and the man that has the power to fix them is the governor. Let’s hope he will make the necessary changes that we need and not just spend hours talking about Obama’s fingers or the architectural design of The Whitehouse, or wasting government resources on ridiculous billboards.


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