Super Eagles will win World Cup if they don't wear blue pants – Guru Maharaj


Sat Guru Maharaj Ji spoke on the Super Eagles going for the World Cup. He told City People the Nigerian national senior football team can win the World cup only if they stay away from wearing blue pants throughout the competition

“I have given my recommendations and I don’t know how Nigerians feel about it. I have told them that they can win this cup if they stop using blue jersey. They have accepted but what about blue pants?

“They should do away with it. Keshi must inspect all the pants they are wearing. I am begging them throughout this competition, its a national affair and not Super Eagles of Lagos but Super Eagles of Nigeria” he said.

Nigerians are already responding to the advise. Aguiyi said: “This nation is suffering from acute shortage of psychiatric hospitals. People are just running wild every minute of the day. It is not very evident because it is mouth thing.”

Carey Tommy said: “I have one too. Super Eagles will win the World Cup if they don’t play under the sun.”

Yinka said: “This man can’t stop to amaze me… No be blue pants Italy and France take carry World Cup… The man even look like Shekau, or are they cousins?”


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