Surprising Misconceptions About Ibadan


People who live in Ibadan know the kind of city we live in; a modern city full of culture and interesting things to do and see. So it may come as a surprise to find out that people in other towns, such as Lagos, have a tendency to view us as being a backwards city with nothing going on! Here are a few of the strangest myths which people from outside Ibadan believe about the town.

For a start, there is a common misconception that Ibadan is a town without anything happening. This may stem from the fact that the city is very old – one of the oldest in Nigeria. However, that doesn’t mean that the city is stagnant, and there are many tourist attractions to be found here, as residents know. To name just a few; the Palace of the Olubadan, Liberty Stadium and Cultural Centre of Mokola.

Another misconception about the city being old, is that the city is therefore not very modern. It’s true that for a while some of our buildings were quite outdated, but with recent development schemes, buildings have been done up to be sturdier, safer and more stylish and attractive. These include everything you need for a modern city – restaurants, cinemas, hotels and the like.

Perhaps because of the belief in the lack of leisure opportunities in the city, many people think that Ibadan is a city with absolutely know nightlife, where everything closes at 6pm! Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Whilst admittedly Ibadan isn’t has happening a place as somewhere like Abuja or Lagos, there are still clubs and night time activities to be enjoyed. You can try out clubs like the GQ Lounge, Echo and Dome, just a few of the most popular clubs in the city.

A very tired trope is that the people of Ibadan are not very good with technology, such as computers and phones. Of course this belief is slightly ridiculous, since there are so many online blogs written by people about living in the city – presumably those people are familiar with using a laptop and the internet! Just like any other city across Nigeria, in Ibadan we have access to phones and gadgets with which we can contact friends, chat to people on the internet, watch films and even play online bingo on sites like We are certainly not behind on the times when it comes to modern technology.

Similarly, a very odd misunderstand about the state of Oyo is that everyone who is from there is from Ibadan. This isn’t so much an offensive misconception as some of the others, but it’s certainly a very strange one. Ibadan is of course the capital of the state of Oyo, but it is not the only city there, so it’s very strange that people from Oyo are often treated like this.

As you can see there are lots of odd misconceptions about Ibadan. Hopefully this article will set things straight! If you’d like more info on things to do in this great city, check out Ibadan Tourist Information.


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