TEDxBodija: Eclipse of Time & Space


Amazing starts now. Welcome to this journey of greatness, where amazing ideas are shared that is guaranteed to change the dynamic s of our evolving community.

It all started after TEDxBodija was licensed in May 2013. Some ordinary guys, well, with extraordinary, inflammable ideas were drafted to plan a highly anticipated event, anticipated to cause significant shift in paradigm.
The theme for the event came from the organizer, Olufemi Babalogbon.  He dwelt on the significance of time and the spaces in and around us, which are amazingly a colossal source of inspiration, profiting; a place of refuge, solace and comfort; a place of local or global relevance in endeavors etcetera. People can draw from this. Think space; think it as what it may mean to you. When you are done, imagine the distance in space your mind has travelled, and the time it took.
Curators in TED parlance are the individuals who do the crafting of TED talk topics which captures variation of the event theme, and select (out of myriad nominations) the best candidate to adequately deliver on this demand. This role is important to the success of every TEDx event and impact on its community based audience. On this note, Adeshola Ademola- a deep thinking, Brand strategist – was drafted to collaborate with Olufemi Babalogbon- a seasoned Business strategist- as TEDxBodija’s Curators.
Other members of the organising team are Tolu Lawson; who is a creative Brand designer handling all expression of TEDxBodija on various touch-points and brand merchandises.  Hezekiah Omotsuebe is a Web developer and Multimedia expert; he is handled the web development ( www.tedxbodija.com ), also ensuring a hitch-free online streaming in collaboration with a technical partner.Shina Anifowoshe is in charge of our social media ( www.twitter.com/tedxbodija ) – a key platform where people get first hand info about the program by following @Tedxbodija. Funmilayo Adesina is a legal practitioner, and advises the team on issues bordering on release forms for speakers, partnership and sponsorship. The publicity and awareness campaigns are coordinated by publicity guru- Oladipo Abimbola, he is also responsible for securing relevant partnerships. Damilola Oladehin is the PR and registration coordinator, ensuring the surge in attendance by engaging and interacting with people on where and how registration is done especially on eventbrite (http://goo.gl/I4l3fB) and also via mobile.
After various tough brain storming sessions, they (curators) were able to crack the nut (Theme), crafting various topics:
Beyond the Space in Your Shoe highlights the entrepreneurial space waiting for people to occupy and latent innovativeness be-clouded by perception of economic imbalance. Idagu David fits this mould. He describes himself as idea evangelist, business consultant and entrepreneur. He will be sharing on his recent business project; “Intelligent Shoes”; shoes that matches temperaments.
TheMystery of Time dwells on various dimensions and dynamism of time. For example, When time delivers value greater than its duration, time is said to be elastic. When the value generated is lesser than the length of time used, then, there is high tendency that time has been wasted. All this and more will Francis Adeshina touch on. He is the founder of EightTwentyTwo Networks; a Multisensory Branding, integrated multi-channel marketing, promotions, and advertising firm. He is an Author-to-be, working on his forthcoming book called Conquering Time.
The Shrinking Space of Love is an expose on the remarkable power of Love. It is simply supernatural how Love diminishes the distances between two people; exceptionally breaking barriers of ethno religious diversities. Atinuke H. Odjenima, the founder of The Hindsight Nigeria – a leadership development organization, will tell her story of Love through Leadership, Love through ethnic and religious barrier.
The Future of Our Political Space: this is aimed to project Hope in the face of despairing scenes of political game, played in recklessness, and selfishly. Gbemisola Osadua is a projection of hope in our failing political plane. She is the Vice President, International Law Student Association (ILSA), University of Ibadan; a Guest Speaker at 3rd Annual Women Conference GHANA National Union of Polytechnic Students Accra, in May, 2013. Gbemisola will share her experience and thoughts on the political future.
MarketSpace Versus MarketPlace:  Because the world has changed and concept of globalization which is a means to international integration, with the exchange of world views, products, ideas, culture etcetera has virtually permeated the entire place, hence, the necessity for knowledge and maximization of space rather than place. John Armah who is the CEO of Ghana Centre for Entrepreneurship, Employment
and Innovation, GCEEI, Accra, an Award-winning Entrepreneur ranked as the 27th Most Influential Ghanaian by ETV Ghana, Chairman Africa Youth Economic Forum, and Member of World Economic Forum will be sharing his thoughts on this topic at TEDxBodija
Time and Chance Happen to Them All: Time is rarely unknown to be a common denominator in the expression of individual talents, calling, profession or carrier. However, what is done in Time when Chance arrives mark the difference. Pastor Francis E. Madojemu will beam on Time and Chance that happens to everyone. He is CEO of NuSTREAMS Concepts and Coordinator of The Bridge Network.
Transformational Development: The Yoruba philosophical orientation of Agbajo Owo (collaboration) comes in handy as the underpinning concept behind this topic. This orientation prescribes an unrelenting pursuance of collaborative and cooperative engagements, which would optimise the collective synergy and economies of scale of the integrating States for meeting the challenge of developing the communities for the benefit of its people. Toyin Awesu, the Head of Communication for Dawn Commission will be sharing insights on this topic.
Indeed, Amazing starts now; Paradigms are adjusted, the spaces between are diminished, push for entrepreneurial reasoning is up and so much more differences and values created. You do not want to miss this event which holds on Saturday, November 30, 2013 at Heritage Mall, Ibadan. Check for more details via www.tedxbodija.com and www.ted.com/tedx/events/tedxbodija.com.
This piece was written by Ademola Adeshola, a curator and admin officer of TEDxBodija.


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