The busiest ATM machines in Ibadan [PICTURES]


I move around Ibadan a lot and without mincing words I can tell you that the busiest ATM machines are those of the First Bank branch that is along Olorunsogo – Amuloko road.

On Boxing Day, I made an early morning trip to somewhere close to the bank and as early as 6 in the morning there were long queues already even though there was no money in the ATM machines but individuals on the queue knew the bank officials would soon come around to load more money for them to collect and move with their lives. As early as 5am, maybe earlier than that, you would see individuals of all ages at the bank.

When I asked someone that knows the First Bank branch very much, he told its banking hall may also be the busiest in the state, adding that the branch is not accepting new account request because of the workload on its staff who are always eager, willing and praying to be deployed to other branches in other parts of the city.

The major reason why there is so much pressure on this branch is due to the fact that it is the only bank along the ever busy road plied daily by thousands of residents in the densely populated communities. Many people I spoke to believe the situation would change when more banks decide to open new branches in the area.

There used to be Intercontinental Bank few meters away but the branch is no longer operating, forcing bank customers in the area to shift focus to the First Bank branch.

I am very much confident that millions of naira would be disbursed daily through the machines. And considering the fact that the Central Bank of Nigeria is charging NGN65 each on interbank transactions, the ATM machines would be raking in lots of revenues for First Bank although I expect other banks to open branches very soon in the densely populated communities.



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