The Rhapsody of MC Rapindady


MC Rapindady is one of Ibadan’s finest comedians, no doubt about that. I spoke to him on his event coming up on Sunday; we also talked extensively on the comedy industry in Ibadan, the quality of comedians and he attempted to answer the question of how much are Ibadan people willing to pay – and nothing more – for a show?

Enjoy the Rhapsody of MC Rapindady

Tell me about the program. What is it about, and who are you expecting there?
It’s a going to be a mixed concert/show that will feature comedy, music (hiphop, tungba and highlife), dance and a brief interactive talk. We are expecting Ibadan A-list artists and comedians. The show will parade the likes of fabulous Pizzy, Peteru, Shete, MC Solid, Sheun Natural, Eteye (Lagos), Kenny Blaq (Lagos), Babatunmise and more.
What is in it for those in attendance?

It is a show, people come to comedy shows to chill and have fun but there will be free internet from SMILE Communications.
You’ve organised similar shows before, how would you describe the audience in Ibadan?

Ibadan audience is good, they respond well to entertainment. But in most cases, they respond well when you give them what they want. It is more like we (event planners) play the music while they dance to it.
What about pricing? What is d maximum price you think Ibadan people will pay for a show?

Anything above #3,000 for regular will raise eyebrows but people will still turn up, but not d majority; only the enlightened few. Hmm maximum prize? I think Ibadan people will still go for a show that is around #3,000 or thereabout depending on the kind of artistes you are bringing.
Among Ibadan comedians, who are the best?

Most of the comedians in Ibadan are very good, just that some are more favoured than others. Am a comedian and I know what am talking about. We are talented, but we need more hard work and better platforms and also register our identity in the hearts of the people.
Are they as good (or better) than Basketmouth and the rest?

Yes they are as good, but we can’t compare with the experience of people like Basketmouth; people like that have been in the game for long
How are popular brands and companies promoting Ibadan comedians?

I can’t say, because most of them do not really believe in what we can do but I don’t blame them because I believe some of us still need to work more on ourselves for them to believe in us. We need to place a good value on ourselves first.
What is the major source of income for Ibadan comedians?

Comedy. Only for those who knows the business of comedy and who chose comedy as a career and not as a hobby
When did you start professional comedy?

2011, immediately after school
How has the experience been?

No regrets, it’s a passion, it has been fun, real fun
What’s your goal as a comedian?

My goal is to be successful in what I do; I want to be a big name in the comedy industry both home and abroad. So help me God.
How many people are you expecting on Sunday?

Over 200 by God’s grace

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