There is problem with the management of 3SC – Dapo Lam Adesina


Dapo Lam Adesina, immediate past commissioner for youth and sports in Oyo state has revealed that there is problem with composition of the board of Oluyole Warriors, Shooting Stars Football Club of Ibadan.

In an exclusive interview with, he said the management of 3SC should be blamed for the inability of the team to stay in the premier league.
“It is obvious there is problem with the composition of the board of that club,” he told
He gave the timeline of how things deteriorated at the club.
He said: “How do you explain that when I was around the club was 11th on the league table and when I went away and got back, the club was 19th. How do you explain that for about a month that I was away, they played about 13 matches and won only 3 how do you explain that?
“How do you explain that immediately I came back, to show you that there is something wrong somewhere, they played 10 matches and won 4?
“Immediately the governor dissolved the cabinet, they played 5 matches, they lost 3. That means that out of 18 matches played when the board was in charge, they won only 3 out of the 18 matches. And when I was in charge, out of the 10 matches played we won 4.”
He also accused members of the board of misplaced priorities, self seeking and corruption.
“How will the players that would do the job and the coaches go by road and you the board members will say you are flying to the place? Where is that done?,” he asked
He added: “How will you bring a player that will play just one match and you will pay him all his money and some people are playing 20 matches and you are not them up to 50% of their money. How do justify all of those things?
“How do you explain that somebody that is a board member is using his hotel for the services of the club and along the line you are telling us that he club owed you N16 million for 3 months and you didn’t pay yourself when you were there as a board member now a new government comes you are now telling us to come and pay because we stopped that fraud.
“You are telling us we spent N16 million in 3 months, we got a place that is bigger than your hotel for N2 million. How do you justify that? And we are saying Nigeria is not a good place, Nigeria is bad, and Nigeria is not doing well. How will Nigeria do well when somebody is spending N16 million in 3 months and they are not even paying the players that are doing the job?
“Somebody came and stopped it and you want to blackmail the person because he’s doing the right thing. These are some of the problems.”
He recounted the successes recorded when he was in charge of the ministry.
“It’s just simple analysis. When we were there, the sports council broke a nineteen-year jinx of the basketball team going to the DSTV Premier League and they were third all through Nigeria,” he told
“We also broke a jinx of thirteen years of the basketball team going to the National Sports Festival and they won silver for the first time in 13 years. We also promoted Crown FC of Ogbomoso to the premier league.
“All of these teams too have board, how did we do all that? Why is it just Shooting Stars?
“The Shooting Stars we are talking about, we are the ones that did all the things that they call achievements today.
“We got the Dubic deal that they pay them millions of Naira every year now. We did it for the first time in the history of Shooting Stars. The board was not there when we did it.
“We bought 2 buses for them, 2 official vehicles thus ending the era of renting buses when they are travelling.
“We started the era of paying salaries as at when due, we don’t owe anybody. We did the website that was adjudged second best in Nigeria. We bought camera for them, those ones started fighting us again because normally they will say they are going to rent camera per match is almost N10,000. When we bought a brand new camera for them, they started fighting us that we have blocked their way of eating.
“We bought a brand new dispatch rider for them also when they will say they are renting okada for
every time they say they are going to dispatch stuffs. We bought a brand new okada for them to stop all those wastage.
“We stopped the era of wasting N16 million on hotels; we reduced it to N1.2 million because we have to be prudent. We renovated the Lekan Salami stadium for them. It’s one of the best which is why DSTV comes to show their matches because they described it one of the nation’s most TV-friendly stadiums.

“What else do you want the commissioner to do, or na the commissioner go wear boots enter field? We did our part as the commissioner. We won’t wear boots and enter the field,” Dapo told


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