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Abia State University, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, or Bayero University – which of these Nigerian universities do you think would best fit your superior educational needs? Depending on the career path you would like to walk on, your decision could also be guided by your current location, family ties, job opportunities in the near future, price of rent or campus conditions, in case you will decide to live on campus. Besides your dedication for the courses you will be taking, you will also need to pay attention to an aspect that is often times ignored by many students: your safety on campus.

Personal Safety Tips On University Campuses

  • Try not to walk around by yourself, especially at nightfall or in areas that are poorly-lit. Do not walk around with your headphone on listening to loud music, as it will make you appear distracted and hence turn into an easy victim of pickpocket thieves or kidnappers.

  • Have a pepper spray on you at all times and learn a fe self-defense practices if possible. Stay in physical shape so you can handle a potential emergency that will require you to handle a potential emergency scenario.

  • Make sure you share your class schedule with your relatives and friends and build a special buddy system; try to always travel in groups of two or three people and stay alert at all times. Always let someone trustworthy know when you are about to go out and inform them on your estimate time of getting back.

  • Make a habit of locking your dorm room door whenever you leave for class or somewhere else, and try to do the same even when you are inside the room. Do not rely on the fact that simply because you have music on or you are making noise inside your room, no one with bad intentions will dare to try your lock and get in. Keep an eye on the state of the locks and keys and have them repaired as soon as you notice something wrong with them. A lock that does not longer respond to your lock/unlock commands will turn your room into a more vulnerable place.

  • Always let campus security or the campus manager and have them call a locksmith for you. American college campuses for example can rely on the professional commercial services provided by a 24/7 Portland locksmith company. These experienced locksmiths can easily rekey locks, install new ones (dead bolt locks preferably grade-1 or grade-2 work the best, but they are also the most expensive), cut copy keys and master keys, install cabinet or safe locks in case you are using a safe inside your dorm room to keep your laptop and other valuable possessions while you are away, and the list could go on. There is nothing really a licensed and experienced locksmith trained in commercial services cannot do for campus security, including the installation of security alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and so on.

  • Keep your car door locked at all times, even when behind the wheel, driving, but particularly when you are ready to leave your car. Turn this into a habit as it could make the difference between keeping your vehicle safe or falling into the hands of a thief.

  • Never display valuable items, cash, bags, laptops, or jewelry on the front or back seats and always check the back seat before getting in.


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