University of Ibadan in search of new Vice Chancellor


The University of Ibadan has officially announced there is vacancy for the post of Vice Chancellor at the institution. The announcement was published on Sunday on the pages of several national dailies including Sunday Tribune, Guardian on Sunday, and Sun newspapers.

The announcement became necessary considering the fact that the 5-year single term of the incumbent Vice Chancellor Prof Isaac Folorunso Adewole would end on Monday November 30.

He officially began his tenure on 1 December 2010.

So, if you are well qualified to occupy the post, you can start preparing to apply.

I love the process of electing new vice chancellor for the university. From what I can still remember, the process is largely transparent. Suitably qualified scholars are expected to apply within a given period. They will be screened. A live debate will be held and the electorate will choose.

I heard 2 or 3 names are then sent to the president who will subsequently appoint the VC for the shortlist. I may be wrong – but that is the general consensus.

The post is not just gotten by being the best professor – you have to be popular and political.

May the best candidate win.


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