University of Ibadan to improve living standards through multi-disciplinary researches

A multi-dimensional research Centre has become operational at the University of Ibadan (U.I.) to bridge the huge gap between the town and the advancement of human kind.

According to Channels TVDuring a crucial meeting of the hallowed Senate Chambers of the University, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Isaac Adewole, said the innovation came on the heels of series of challenges militating against the appreciable development of the key sectors in Nigeria.
In his opening remark he said: “When the centre is fully operational, it will provide the much needed platform to improve living standards in a protected environment through multi-disciplinary researches into issues affecting the people directly”.
According to the chairman of the Research Board, Hon Chevalier Itsueli, the U.I. research centre is designed to focus its activities on how the common man can be major beneficiary in key areas of Agriculture, Medicine, technology and humanities.
“This is a call to service which will be directed to provide critical services aimed at giving the common man hope and better living conditions nationwide,” Hon. Itsueli said.
He added that the centre, which would be funded by well-meaning Nigerians, would work with all critical sectors like medicine, agriculture, and technology for the benefit of human kind.
A take-off fund of 100 million Naira (about 625,000 dollars) has been provided to kick start the project.
Present at the meeting were Academics, technocrats, bureaucrats and business men. They came together for the first time to establish a multi-disciplinary research centre in the University of Ibadan.

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