Wedding bells ring as Peteru proposes live on stage


Last night (Sunday), I was just having fun checking pictures and videos on Instagram when I saw a post by comedian, Lafup, announcing that Ibadan’s current king of comedy, Peteru, proposed marriage to his girlfriend, Wura, live on stage.

In the picture, Peteru went on one knee, looked into the eyes of Wura who appeared to be surprised, and proposed. The girlfriend who is now the soon-to-be Mrs Peteru said yes.

Let’s pray the wedding comes as soon as this year.

I remember my last interview with Peteru (read it here). I asked him about his love life and he was not diplomatic about the fact that he is in a relationship. He went as far as telling me we may all be surprised to hear he’s getting married very soon.

From what I’ve gathered so far, Wura is a strong pillar in Peteru’s life and career. And I can only wish them the very best in life.

But, wait o, what was Peteru thinking that gave him the confidence to propose openly, on live stage for that matter? What if she had said no? Omo that would have been a serious humiliation o. lol

Personally though, I still find it difficult understanding the concept of proposal in the Nigerian love setting. A responsible Nigerian goes into a relationship with someone he or she wants to marry. It’s not like as it done in the countries portrayed in the foreign movies. But the culture has caught up with us and there is little or nothing we can do about it because it is like a wildfire that is beyond the capacity of Oyo State Fire Service.


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