What is wrong with The Ventura Mall at Samonda?

UPDATE – There is a more recent review on the mall, read it here
You know a place as big and beautiful as the Ventura Mall has problems when you’ve not read much about it on IBPulse.com. If that’s your thought, you are very right – to some extent.

After several postponements, I finally sneaked in unannounced on Saturday afternoon to check out the place following a tip off. i got there around 1:30pm and tried to go round the very beautiful architectural masterpiece without attracting the attention of the security officers around.

I noticed something though, apart from Filmhouse Cinema and Game Arcade, no other company or outfit is using the building to the best of my knowledge.
“You gotta be kidding me,” I told myself.
Why will the building is finer than Heritage Mall, Cocoa Mall and the new Ibadan Mall at Ring Road be unattractive to potential occupants? The structure is also well positioned to attract two unique sets of visitors and ‘tenants’ that other malls don’t have good plans for – UI lecturers and startups.
I rode the lift which has Cinema and Game Arcade stuck on it confirming the place is only being used by the two companies despite the availability of numerous spaces for various purposes.
I exited the lift at the cinema which looked more well arranged than the one at Dugbe, although fewer people were there. Even from the faces of the staff of the cinema, you could see that not much is going on there. I even fear they may just decide to close operations and take the fight to Genesis Cinemas which I heard is also launching soon, at Ibadan Mall.
Anyways, back to the Ventura Mall. During my trip, I realised that the management of the place got several things wrong. I was told that the initial goal was to make the place exclusive to exclusive people. They don’t open on Sundays! Are you kidding me?
That concept is so dead on arrival. Because if I’m an investor, I would be more interested in getting returns that making my facility an exclusive place.
Even if you want to make it restrictive, you don’t have to pursue it aggressively. Find out what those you want there want, then provide it.
I also heard the cost of getting space there is very high. For a place like that, I don’t think making it expensive would be good for business. Yes, it is very beautiful, it is also isolated and would require investment in promotion and publicity to get people to come.
Still on promotion, the owners didn’t spend much on publicity. If they did, they didn’t use the right platforms.
They need to get the word out there; people should be talking about it and before you know it, it would get a bus stop.
I used to call it Airtel building because of its color. Even okada riders plying the route don’t know the name of the place – don’t blame them, there is no signage outside. You wouldn’t see anything until you enter.
These are all working against the mall which is now facing fierce battle with those at Dugbe and Ring Road.
It is however well suited and would attract visitors if the right things are done by the right people.
PS – The mall has a beautiful water fountain that would give you good pictures for dp

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  2. Well, I’m just proud that my wife designed and supervised the engineering part of the building and proud that the mall is a beauty to behold.

  3. True talk. I had passed that building about twice not knowing what it was but it caught my fancy because of the nice lighting at the time I passed not until someone told me that there was a filmhouse and game centre there, I wouldn’t have ever thought of just going in. They sure need publicity-a lot of it. Although I think they have started cos I saw their billboard at Akobo where I stay; a lil distance from the site

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