Why everyone hates Kemi Olunloyo


Kemi OlunloyoI’m also fascinated about the personality of Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo even before she was deported from Canada. I read about her campaigns against gun violence in Canada and was really inspired about how a Nigerian could travel all the way to Canada and still be making so much impacts in the lives of the local communities.

I never knew she had so much celebrities on speed dial. I got to know about this when she came back to Nigeria.

I loved her first show on Premier FM especially the aspect where she conducted interviews with A-listed Hollywood celebs and Nigeria’s mega stars. The show used to air on Saturday afternoon. It was quite long but fun-filled. I was surprised to hear they’ve stopped airing the show.

There was a long silence – a very period during which I didn’t hear much from Kemi but after a while she appeared in strong force, too strong I must say. And before you can say IBPulse, small small blogs were making fun of her and dragging her name in the mud.

Why na? I often asked. But looking at her mentions on Twitter and Google trend, I got an idea of why many people are not warming up yet to Kemi. She appears bossy, attention-seeking and hyperactive.

If you also search for Kemi Olunloyo on Google Image, you would get some of pictures in lingerie. She looks okay by the way.

She is also trying too hard to stand out, take homosexuality as an example. She was the only one in the hall applauding the call for Nigeria to embrace gays and lesbians at the recently held TEDxBodija 2014.

Her brand too is confusing. One time she is doing entertainment, the next time you would hear her talking on Ebola. Which is why I believe those that are calling her an attention seeker may have a point.

But this is what I can say about her.

She is super active, highly opinionated and multitasking. She is vast in experience, highly knowledgeable, incurably curious and an independent woman. What she has to do however is to restructure and get organised. She has to create a stable identity for herself and be known for a particular thing – not everything.

I was impressed when I heard she participated in the Ibadan arm of the protest clamouring for the release of a young man that was arrested by security operatives in Abuja. She can do more of that and stand in the gap between the young demography and the papas and mommas.

She should stop this regular act of showing off. I know she has met lots of celebrities, we also know that her son has the phone number of Snoop, Kanye and Drake. But what can I do with that information? What I think she can do with all the influence she has is to play active roles in raising the social profile of Ibadan.

She said she is planning to bring Drake to the city. That would be so cool. We can use more of that. She can also help in exposing Ibadan-based acts to international opportunities and bigger platforms.

You know when you boast that you know all these important individuals and you are not doing much with the contacts, people will begin to see you as just going around boasting with photoshopped pictures.

I think the major reason why many people don’t like Kemi Olunloyo is she has so much influence, access and experience but she’s keeping all that to herself, and wouldn’t stop bragging about her address book and photo album.

I kinda like her sha. I believe the terrain is too calm, we need as many Kemi as we can get to create positive disruption in Ibadan in particular and Nigeria in general.

Oya Aunty Kemi, ride on.


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