5 annoying things about Jumia offices in Ibadan


Annoying things about Jumia offices in Ibadan

I shop online a lot from Ibadan and I use the two leading ecommerce platforms in Nigeria, Jumia and Konga a lot. I’m not the only ecommerce shopper in Ibadan, we are very numerous and we continue to increase in number. The companies are aware of this development and this is why they are opening offices in different parts of the city. But today, I’m focusing on the 5 things I hate about Jumia Nigeria’s services in Ibadan.

To be more specific, these issues affect customers that are selecting the option to pick up their orders at any of the two Jumia offices in Ibadan – they have one at Favos Bodija and another at Ring Road.

10am – 4pm working hours

I always find it both amusing and annoying that I have to get to Jumia office between 10am and 4pm if I am serious about picking up my orders. Let me tell you why this is out of place. First of all, a civil servant who orders on Jumia may lose his or her job if he or she decided to leave office during working hours in order to go and pick his or her orders.

I remember getting to the outlet at Bodija sometime last month around 4:15pm and I was told pointblank that I would be unable to pick the stuff I ordered until the next day. If not that I had used my card to pay online, I would have cancelled the order and we would have seen who would lose.

Jumia can learn from DealDey  in this area. I’ve picked up stuff at DealDey office located at Ring Road Ibadan as late as past 6 in the evening. The guys I met there were even chatty and I had fun. When the closing hours are extended to 6 or 7, it becomes much easier for customers to pick up their stuff.

Annoying staff

I’ve had several bad experiences with the staff in the two outlets in Ibadan which made me wonder whether the company conducted any intensive training for its staff operating in the two outlets in Ibadan. Let me give you some instances.

One time I selected to pick my stuff up at Ring Road and when the order finally arrived, I called the number I was given and the lady that picked asked to come between 10am and 12 noon on the Saturday I told her I would be coming. Around 11am, I called and told her I was on my way but to my utmost shock she asked me to come to their office at Bodija instead. I grumbled but decided to tell the Okada rider to take me to Favos. When we got to Total Garden, this lady called me again and asked me to go to the Ring Road office instead. At this point I was fuming but the Okada rider was smiling.

If you know Ibadan very well,  you would know that Bodija and Ring Road are parallel to each other which was why I ended up spending N500 more on transport. This is where the story got more annoying.

I decided to buy some stuff at Total Garden area before going back to Ring Road and when I finally got back to the office, the lady wasn’t there yet. I had to wait for more than 30 minutes and when they finally arrived, I didn’t even get any apology. She actually acted as if she did a favor.

On another day and at the same Ring Road location, I met a guy and I told him that I wanted to pick up 4 orders. He said only 2 had arrived but I insisted I got confirmation that the 4 had arrived. He kept arguing until he went to their store and emerged with the two. He didn’t apologise either.

What if I didn’t stand my ground insisting all my orders had arrived? I would have gone back home and my ordered stuff might have been returned to Lagos.

There is another annoying Jumia (female) staff at Bodija. This one is condescending and annoying to new shoppers – especially those who may not give her tips (yes they love tips). I remember waiting to be called only for her to call on a regular visitor instead. I sat there giving her the kind of bewildered look that President Buhari gave Barack Obama when the later was telling the former why Nigeria should support homosexuality.


Those that pickup stuff at Jumia offices in Ibadan would agree with me that those offices are very untidy, somehow dirty. At both outlets you will see wrappers everywhere and you may have to step on several of them before you can get a seat. The one at Bodija is worse because the dirtiness also affects where the workers are. I don’t want to write long epistle on how untidy the place is because it is a big soil to the image of  the platform that calls itself Nigeria’s biggest ecommerce company.

Unprofessional security men at Bodija

I’ve noticed that security men in Nigeria irrespective of the company they work are fond of saluting you and asking for money. You will see it at Shoprite and elsewhere, it has become a tradition synonymous with the job. This has to stop. I always feel embarrassed when the security men at Jumia office at Bodija start to give me that greeting when I get to the office and when I’m leaving.

I know that many people are used to it, I am too – but it doesn’t mean it is right.

Faulty PoS machine

This as far as I’m concerned is the most annoying thing I’ve experienced at Jumia office at Bodija in Ibadan. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that the outlet doesn’t have a functioning  PoS machine when I visited to pick up a laptop I ordered. I asked to pay with my ATM card but the lady shockingly and confidently asked me to go to a bank to collect cash and bring it to make payment for the ordered goods. I would have just gone online to cancel the order if not that it was for my brother who came to pick the device.

There also workers who spend most of their time lazying around and making the company look like an ‘unserious’ company. This is totally opposite to the company’s increasing interest in the Ibadan market. I’m seeing lots of billboards across the city already which means Jumia has its eyes on the Ibadan market. But it has to look inwards and ensure that its house is in order before setting it out to attract potential online shoppers in Ibadan.


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  1. thats too bad of them pls where is dealdays office located in ring road? and also where is jumia office also located in ring road what part of ring road? thanks

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  4. Good thing you are writing about this!

    Customer service in many organizations in Nigeria is extremely bad.

    You know that shocking attitude you receive when you land at the International Airport in Lagos. You suddenly notice officials start asking you for what you brought for them. You get uncomfortably irritated by the mixture of heat and odour in the airport – something you didn’t experience anywhere else until you got back home.

    How often do you go to UCH,Ibadan? I get totally frustrated by those security guards who greet you Happy Weekend everyday of the week …expecting you to understand what they want.

    It’s a huge problem in the country. I can’t say whether it’s a Jumia problem or the extreme decadence in the value system of many workers.

    Anyway, Paul I think this is a challenge for our generation. That’s a weak spot for Jumia competitors to take note of.

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