5 ways to survive fuel scarcity in Ibadan


Ever since fuel scarcity hit Ibadan and other cities across Nigeria, people have been complaining of hardships. For motorists the problem is in getting fuel at the very few petrol stations that have the product while for commuters, they have to cope with the very high transport fares. For some routes, fares rose by about 200%

For me, I’ve been able to identify three ways to survive the fuel scarcity.

Ajumose Bus

For those complaining about the expensive transport fares, Ajumose buses ply major routes across the state. The highest they charge is N50 which happens to be the lowest fare in the city.

I know the buses are somehow slow but if you leave your house earlier than before, you can still arrive on time.

Go everywhere with your chargers

I found out the major reason why I switch on the electricity generating set in my house is to charge my mobile phones, laptop, power bank and rechargeable lamps. The situation is the same for others. Interestingly, you can charge these stuffs at public places where there are charging points although you have to be strategic about it.

First rule is to go with a backpack. Connect everything to an extension box that will also be in the backpack so that when you get to where you can charge, you won’t scare anyone when you begin to take out cables and gadgets. You will just bring out the power cable for the extension box and everything will begin to charge.

Ride less bikes

For many of us, bikes otherwise called okada are our major form of transportation. Interestingly though, bikes are really expensive compared to other forms. Which is why it is financially advisable to suspend riding bikes for now. If you choose taxis instead, you may not even pay as much as you are paying bikes when commuting in Ibadan.

Go out less

These days, you have to really ask yourself whether you must go to where you think you should go. Since there has not been hike in the prices of airtime for the various networks, you can as well talk on phone or plan your movements more strategically. There are also social media and messenger services that offer voice services. Use them more often now.

There are black markets everywhere

Even though fuel is scarce, I have found out that there are black markets where you can get the products across the city. Since you can cut down on the cost incurred, you can afford to pay a bit more to get some fuel to be used only when necessary.

I know the scarcity will soon end. But until this happens, we just have to be smart and thrifty with the liters of fuel you have in your car, generator, and in jerrycans.


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