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About Last Night is the third movie starring Kevin Hart since December. I saw the movie twice at The FilmHouse Cinema in Ibadan. The first time, I went with a female friend while for the second time, I went all alone armed with a big bowl of popcorn and Pepsi.

The comedian headlines an ensemble cast in “About Last Night,” which also stars talented actors Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant in a raunchy rom-com remake of the 1986 movie.
Back then, burgeoning stars Rob Lowe and Demi Moore shared the screen with James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins.

The plot is standard romantic-comedy fare about the trials and tribulations of dating in the city. Ealy and Bryant are the lead couple who begin dating after best friends, played by Hart and Hall, set them up on a blind date. The story line does deviate a bit from the original, though, by giving Hart and Hall a love story of their own.

So is “About Last Night” a keeper? See what critics had to say about the flick.

Hart and Hall (And A Chicken Costume) Steal The Show
“Much more entertaining is the on-again-off-again banter between Hart and Hall, constantly gnawing at each other to delightful effect; Hart extends his brand of wide-eyed facial movements and uncontrollable volume levels, well paired with Hall’s viciously snappy gestures and punchy tone. Their characters’ relationship is rife with nasty paybacks, kooky sex, and eventually a witty retort that brings the film closer to Mamet’s original takeaway.” — Peter Labuza, Variety

Raunchy With A Heart Of Gold
“In its own way, it’s as raunchy as Mamet’s text, which got a lot of attention for its dialogue about the taste of bodily fluids and such. But the new movie’s heart belongs to the notion of the happy ending and the belief that we can change, address our personal deficiencies and become better, warmer, more loving folk as long as we have the right partner.” — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

No Real Dramatic Stakes
“You could say that the 1986 ‘About Last Night … ‘ was about the corruptive influence of the promiscuous bar-scene life, while the new one, albeit with some humor, endorses it as a prelude to a serious relationship. So there’s no critique going on, no point of view, no right and no wrong, no innocent or guilty party — and no dramatic stakes.” — Mike LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

Vulgar Humor And Weird Sex: A Winning Combo
“[The] film’s vulgar humor helps make up for the shortcomings, cementing ‘About Last Night’ as solid fodder for anyone looking to crack up over questionable dating rituals. “There’s an abundance of sex here, too. Bernie [Hart] and Joan’s [Hall] kinky scenes get pretty lewd (at one point Joan wears a chicken mask). But Hart and Hall can pull them off.” — Jessica Herndon, Associated Press

It’s Irresistible
“Cinematic valentines that aim for all audiences often feel pandering. ‘That Awkward Moment’ recently tried, and failed, to be a relationship flick appealing to guys. This one clicks. It even cut the ellipsis at the end of the original title, ‘About Last Night …’ There’s no hesitancy here at all. Who can resist that?” — Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News



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