Ajimobi’s apology letter demand resurrects Adedibu’s autocratic Emperor mentality


“Hello Paul, have you heard the latest statement made by Governor Ajimobi?”

“No, abeg wetin Uncle Isiaka do again o.”

“Don’t act as if you didn’t hear cos I get most of my Ibadan news from you.”

“Guy, Ramadan just ended, talk wetin you wan talk abeg cos I no get time to waste biko.”

“Wetin concern Paul with Ramadan? Anyway, Uncle Isiaka don start his Emperor style of governance again. He said he will not reopen schools in the state unless he receives an apology letter from schools whose pupils took part in a protest against government’s proposed education initiative.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes of course, no be me talk am, I read am in Punch Newspapers. read it yourself here.

“Na wa o. So somebody we voted into office is saying he will not allow children to go to school unless he receives an apology letter? Oyo people don suffer o.. Workers are not getting paid, students are not going to classes. And the man that we voted into power hoping he had the education and exposure to reason reasonably is demanding an apology letter. Our people don enter one chance o.”

“Serious one chance. The governor is just disappointing everybody seriously. I know you would have heard people saying that he talks anyhow to anybody. I’m guessing this happened during one of its careless talks because I can’t think of the president demanding an apology letter not to talk of a governor.”

“So what happened to his foreign education? He shook hands with Obama, has he read anywhere that Obama demanded apology letter from anybody? Whenever the governor acts like this, he brings to fore his autocratic tendencies which are not expected from someone of his caliber.”

“I agree with you. When you talk to the governor’s handlers, they ooze the there-is-nothing-you-can-do-about-it aura which reminds of no other person but the late Adedibu.”

“You hit the nail right on the head. As much as people complained about Akala, he never for once asked principals that had been in service long before he became a governor to  start writing apology letter. The last time I heard of such ridiculous request was when Adedibu was at loggerheads with Ladoja. I am seeing the same trend these days as it appears as if the governor’s utterances and body language suggest he doesn’t like how things are done in a democracy.”

“These your big grammar will get the governor to ask you to write an apology letter o.”

“Abi na. I don write am already sef and I will send it across to him as soon as the request is made. I think everyone in Oyo state should write an apology letter and have it delivered to the Office of the Executive Governor peradventure he asks for one – they will just give him the reference number.”

“Funny guy. But, honestly, what do you think the governor will do with the apology letters?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he likes reading people admitting they are sorry.”

“Maybe there is an apology letter writing competition sponsored by the government and this will be an avenue to choose the winner.”

“What will be the prize since the governor is saying there is no money and his aides are agreeing that money isn’t available?”

“I have an idea… The best apology letter will be framed and hanged in the office of the governor.”

“You are not serious. This is a very serious matter that exposes the autocratic tendencies of one of the highly educated Nigerian politicians who enjoyed foreign education and should know what democracy is all about. If he could be acting in a manner that suggests that he doesn’t like the freedom of expression and the citizen’s right to protest, then what should we expect those ones that forged school cert to do?”

“He even shook Obama, some democratic ideologies should have been transferred into his palm.”
“I believe the major problem is that the people around our leaders are the ones turning them into monsters. Even if the governor doesn’t listen to them, calling his attention to what he is doing and saying wrongly would help in reminding him that people voted for him, at least I did.”

“Don’t you think it is too late for that? I don’t think it can get worse than this.”

“Ehn? It can get worse o. Shebi he only asked for apology letter, what if he asked that they should all be flogged, cut grasses or fetch water?”

“Jokes apart, do you think the governor’s action was bad in the light of what the students did?”

“The governor acted wrongly as far as I am concerned. When rumor was circulating that he insulted people that went to visit him, I didn’t believe it. But this his public anti-democracy act really got many people talking.”

“But those students destroyed many things in the state.”

“Ensuring peace and security should be the responsibility of the law enforcement officers. They ought to be the ones held accountable and not the heads of institutions.”

“You are right sha. The governor needs to stop generalizing. What of students that didn’t protest that day? How will their parents convince them that they did the right thing or does the governor have a list of students that protested that day?”

“I remember when he went on air to accuse school heads and teachers of not sending their children to public schools. How will you blame them when you are the one asking everybody to write apology letters. Only the children of the poor in the society will be affected and this is where the ills of the governor’s actions are worst felt.”

“I totally agree with you. The students that the governor’s interest in apology letter seems to be keeping away from school will hit the streets and join bad gangs that can create bigger menace for the society.”

“It is funny that you are the one saying this one considering the fact that you campaigned openly for the governor during his second term campaign.”

“So you will continue to hold that against me abi? No be your fault sha, nobody knew the soft spoken fine governor that worked hard in his first term will transform into Uncle Isiaka – an emperor with autocratic tendencies. I hope he changes his ways very soon or his party will suffer during the next election.”

“I hope you won’t be asked to submit an apology letter for what you just said.”

“Shebi na me and you dey talk, I will never say that in public – just like the governor’s aides are scared of telling him the truth.”

“I no dey there o.”


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