An evening at a typical abattoir in Ibadan


These days, what is in vogue is to walk into any of the mega stores that sell almost everything. Within their four walls you can buy everything from iru (locust beans) to exotic and ecstatic stuffs (18+). In Ibadan, places like FoodCo and Shoprite sell fish and meat which means some young folks may never know what an abattoir looks and feels like.

Few days ago, I found myself at the abattoir along Iwo road – Olodo highway. Even though I call myself a full grown man, I shivered when I saw how they slaughter cows and how the body parts are cut. At a point my mind went to how those kidnappers at Soka shared human parts.

Anyway, back to the experience.

One thing that struck me was the fact that those that slaughter cows are not necessarily tall, tough, hefty and and very strong men. No. In fact I saw some young guys I could easily beat up that were involved in the killing process.

This particular abattoir isn’t the modern type that was recently commissioned, it is however well managed and is unusually clean. Those that work there observe lots of sanitation rules, there is a freely running water and it does not open until after the sanitation exercise on Thursdays, they don’t open at all on Sundays.

If they will slaughter a cow tomorrow, you will see it loosely tied at one corner and while tied down, the cows are inspected. Because of this thorough investigation and supervision, it is not surprising to see exotic cars parked in and around the abattoir. The community is also leaving no stone unturned to ensure the place is hygienic. This is why you can see someone like me visiting the place not to buy meat, but to enjoy the aesthetic values.

Check it out below

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