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If you ever visited Nigeria, the odds are that you’ve heard of Ibadan; it is the third largest city in the country, having the population of three million, and is the largest city in Nigeria when it comes to the geographic criteria. Ibadan’s ancient protective walls are still in place, attracting much tourist attention; however, that is not all that Ibadan has to offer to the inquisitive eyes. In this short article, we hope to portray you how Ibadan is today, and what it has to offer to its visitors. So hop on, and enjoy the ride that is Ibadan!

The Ibadan for Visitors

History. The history of Ibadan begins in the 19th century; the city was founded by the survivors of a peculiar attack. During a religious masquerade (Egungun), one of the masks fell off, completely disrobing the person underneath. The women started to laugh at the man, which was considered blasphemous. The local lord attacked the village, and the villagers ran to the nearby hill where they survived on fruit and snails; they started to cultivate land and soon, the city of Ibadan was born. By the end of 19th century, Ibadan became part of British colonial forces who turned the city into the prosperous trading center it is today.

Religion. Christianity is the religion practiced by vast majority of its citizens. There are two cathedrals in the city: Cathedral of St. Mary tends to Roman rite Catholics, while the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Annunciation is the spiritual center for all the Maronite Catholics practicing the Antiochian rite. Islam is the second largest religion in the city, with a large mosque where the Chief Imam holds special sermons and prayers every Friday.

Sightseeing. Ibadan is the location of the first African skyscraper called ‘The Cocoa House’; it perished in flames in 1985 but was reconstructed in 1992. The two zoological gardens are a must see when visiting the city. The Bower Memorial Tower can be seen from practically any point in the city; it also provides an excellent view of the whole city from the top. One lesser known fact about Ibadan is that it has numerous golf courses of excellent quality; it is a sport of choice for the city. Other sports that the city is famous for is football, swimming and basketball. The city in general has something to offer to everyone.

Should You Visit?

Sadly, Ibadan is not on many tourist maps, which is probably the best reason to actually visit it. Everyone has heard of Paris, and everyone knows what to expect of Paris; but if you want to experience something new, something unseen, something unheard of, Ibadan is the place to go. It is all too easy to surf the net for famous tourist locations or australian online casino; but where Ibadan truly shines is the fact that it is a pearl hidden underneath rough. With its many tourist attractions and hospitable people, it is sure to leave you with many memories that will last you a lifetime. 


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