Behind The Scene of Rufai Ifedayo's latest movie


Ifedayo is a Yoruba movie actress  who has already produced two movies – Awofele Bonu and Akebaje. The later which I will share the behind the scenes pics with you features Odunlade Adekola, Mr Latin, Lizzy Anjorin, Segun Ogungbe, Lola Idije, Waheed Ijaduade, Yemui Jimoh, Titi Adeoye, Bukola Ogundare and of course, Rufai Ifeddayo.

“The movie is all about two friends, they were both students – one is from a rich family while the other one is from poor family. The one from a poor family is well behaved while the one from rich family is notorious, her mother always give her full support which she later end up snatching her friend’s husband. All her evil deeds came back to her and she later had mental illness,” Ifedayo told IBPulse.

Concerning the movie, she said she wants people to learn that “we should not be covetous or greedy. That we should be contented with whatever we have, well behaved and not rascally.’

She started her movie career about 6 years ago and had featured in several movies including

Aye onika, oga akorin, ile ayefele, AWOFELE BONU, Apola, iran kejila, GBERE AYE, omo aye niwa, ogo iboji,and akebaje, Were meta.

She said her female role models in the industry are Opeyemi Ayeola and Mercy Aigbe, among the men, she looks up to Odunlade Adekola and Femi Adebayo.

She noted that people don’t Yoruba movies as much as they value the English ones.

“There are some scenes that people will complain about in Yoruba movie which they will cherish in English movie so I think our people are the ones drawing us back. They should encourage yoruba movies and not discourage,” Ifedayo said.

Concerning the numerous ridiculous Yoruba movie titles such as ‘Shoprite’ she said such occur when people who don’t have “adequate knowledge about producing a movie but they want to be a producer… and they are not ready to learn but desperate to be at the top”.

I also asked her about her personal life. She said she’s still single and will be attracted to a handsome, cool, caring, and God fearing guy. So I asked her how she would determine whether a guy is God-fearing or not.

“It will show in his attitude,” she replied.

She said she can, has, and will still kiss on set but will never do  a nude scene.

Here are the Behind-The-Scene pictures from her latest production.

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