Best Christmas gifts for your Nigerian boyfriend


Today is Xmas, here are best gifts for your boyfriend

If you are a guy, and you are sick and tired of receiving singlets, handkerchiefs, socks, cufflinks, boxers, fake belts and low quality ‘packing’ shirts and other regular stuffs ladies do buy as gifts, I am doing you a favor this year, get this link across to your lady.

Ladies, the truth is guys love getting gifts as much as you do although you take us for granted and even though we act as if it doesn’t bother us, it really does. Put yourselves in our shoes, we spend the entire year spending so much on you and all you could give us is a miserable boxers, think am na! Especially when you regularly give us long list of things to get for you throughout the year.

Without wasting time, here are great gift ideas that guys would love.

1. Get him a smartphone. If there is anything that guys love, it is new gadget. We so much love it to the extent that we believe the person who brings phone brings life. So, this Christmas, depending on the size of your pocket, get him an Android device. He is going to thank you for it.

2. Know his addiction and meet it for once. Every guy has at least one thing he is addicted to – drinks, game, music, sports and so on. If he loves music a lot, get him very nice headphones (preferably BeatsbyDre), if he is into sports, get him an original jersey of his favorite football club. The jersey is even more interesting as you can customise it but make sure you bought that of the player he adores.

If he is into playing games such FIFA or PES, you can buy the latest FIFA ’15 for him. If you do this, he won’t stop thanking you throughout the year. If you are lucky (or unlucky) to have a drunkard as boyfriend, then you would have to get him his favorite drink, wrap and present to him as gift.

3. Pay the bills for once. I know many ladies have never paid bills in their entire lives. To them, they are big girls and very smart and sharp. But if you truly love that guy, you need to appreciate him once in a while by giving him bills break. You know where he regularly takes you on dates. Normally, he would want to pay but just tell him you are the one paying this time as a way of thanking him. That’s a gift he will forever be thinking about.

I don’t know if you watch foreign movies a lot, if you do, you would note that when ladies go on date with girls, they sometimes pay their own bills without harassing the guy. But over here, Nigerian guys are expected to pay for everything. So, if you think the guy has been quite helpful this year, you should try and put yourself in his bills-paying-shoes for once.

4. Make him a dress. I know ladies are lazy, very lazy when it comes to giving their men gifts but they always want everything. This is why every act of painstaking efforts on your side would go a long way in showing that you really care about the guy and not just his wallet. I’ve seen in recent times that more guys are loving trending traditional wears. You can consult a very good male tailor and ask for suggestions on the type and style of dress you can sew for your man. Normally, everything should cost around NGN5,000 – more or less depending on the material and accessories. Pls add a cap. The cost is not too expensive to spend on a guy that got you good stuffs.

5. Data subscription. You know how ladies are fond of asking their guys money for BlackBerry subscription, well, guys have more passion for data than girls. Someone like me spends thousands of naira monthly on data and I’m sure your guy would fall into the same category. Instead of buying the usual stuffs, you can as well pay for his data for 3 months. If he uses BlackBerry, that is just NGN3,000 and I think he would also get a month free which means you got him covered for 4 months. He would be very grateful.

When I consider how the present day ladies make demands from their boyfriends, I always ask myself how many of them can reciprocate our consistent act of giving expecting little or nothing in return. Some ladies are so terrible at making these demands that they are the ones that will tell the guy what to buy. It is no longer a gift.

This year, I enjoin you ladies to go the extra mile to show your man that you truly and sincerely appreciate all he has done, but most importantly, you need to make him realise how much you love and care about him. Always know that relationship involves 2 people – you and him. If you are the one getting stuffs and you rarely or lazily give to him, there is going to be a problem. Even if he doesn’t complain, he will quietly see you as a selfish greedy heartless bitch that only have her eyes set on his wallet and everything he could get out of him.

PS: I know many ladies that may be considering to take inspiration from this piece may be planning to get money from the guy – some may even want to make profits. It is totally wrong and further proves you have selfishness running in your veins.


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