Bishop Catholic Diocese Of Oyo;Let Go Some Inclinations To Exterminate Recession, Nigerians


According to News Agency of Nigeria-NAN, “current economic recession was preceded by moral recession” said Bishop Emmanuel Badejo.

He added that Nigeria is not beyond redemption if every citizen makes sacrifices and embrace good morals, “it was moral recession that started first in Nigeria. We lost our moral compass when we started honoring thieves and those who mismanaged public funds”. This he said at Christ the King Catholic Church, Odo-Ona, Ibadan during the one year memorial service of Madam Margaret Lalaye.

He furthered, “We treated these set of people as if what they did did not matter, we did not notice because we had money to spend and this led us into economic recession”.

According to NAN still, the programme was characterized by the dedication of the Catholic logo donated by Laleye family in commemoration of the demise of their parents.

Additionally, Bishop Badejo opined that “things can only turn around if moral issues were addressed”. Therefore, Nigeria is not among the poorest nations around the globe but among the most mismanaged. “The country has all it needed; human capital, natural resources and good weather inclusive”.

In essence, the clergy empowered leaders in the country and Nigerians as a whole to give perusal approaches to challenges confronting the nation. Be it as it may, Bishop Badejo emphasized the issue of servant hood and followers. It is here he stated thus, ” all of us want to become leaders, who is teaching us about being servants? Who is learning about becoming a public servant? Of a truth, anyone who has never been a servant cannot be a good leader, “all of us want to become leaders”, sad enough, many of us want to be leaders and we hail them. 

Verily, “we must collectively make sacrifices and embrace good morals to build the Nigeria of our dreams. It is not about President Buhari alone or Governor Ajimobi, it is our collective effort towards building a better Nigeria”.


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