Brace yourselves Ibadan landlords, govt wants to certify your building


If your building doesn’t have necessary documents, let’s just say you’re in trouble from next week

From next week Monday, Oyo state government will fulfill its promise to go after bad buildings in the state with the commencement of its building certification initiative. It said the exercise will be done across the state during which government officials will carry out certification of building plans to ensure that structures were in line with extant planning laws.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday in Ibadan by Mr Waheed Gbadamosi, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Physical Planning and Environment, a task force to rid the state of illegal petrol stations and other structures which had contravened extant planning laws would carry out the exercise.

It urged residents to ensure that their approved building plans were ready for certification.

The statement added that structures without approval would face the appropriate sanctions as specified in the statute books.

Here is my view

I totally agree with the state government on the need to certify buildings in the state especially illegal ones because we all know that petrol stations, shopping complexes and numerous residential buildings are springing up in weird places across the state with associated dangers increasing risks to life.

However, I am very much concerned about the initiative becoming only focused on squeezing money out of the pockets of building owners in the state instead of aimed at ensuring strict adherence to the state’s master plan.

I see this as a win-win situation for everyone if properly executed. On one side we can make the rest of the nation to begin to take us serious as a state by being able to check indiscriminate erection of buildings. On the other side, the government can also generate impressive revenues if it is able to compel landlords of undocumented buildings to secure building plans and other necessary documents.

My biggest fear however is that the later could be the only reason for this exercise. If this is the case, then it’s really a bad development that could spell doom for the city in the future. That’s if we care.


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