Brief Tour of the Web's Potential


The real potential of the Internet as a global space can be realized only when all the countries can contribute to it freely. In some sense, that is like a wish for world peace, when we look at the strife and political unrest cropping up in so many nations today. Maybe the Internet is a statement of utopia, but most of us can agree that it is humanity's greatest mirror, a collective exhibit of human interests and creations.


When the World Wakes Up


Maybe the full potential of our beloved global network goes in step with the actual conditions on the earth — the fullest Web experience is a reflection of how free people are in their land-based lives or 'reality'. That is how this technology has a teaching role, by offering constant feedback to all of humanity at once, in real time. It is quite an awesome function.


Countries with developing economies and infrastructures, and citizens who may be opening up individually and towards the greater world — perhaps places that had been tied up by wars or conflicts — really are vital for the Web to flower. Who wants a 'global' network that reflects only the Western nations who created it?


East, West and Global


Although the Web is pan-hemispheric, and mixes up everywhere in its virtual soup, Western Web properties differ in various ways from newer Eastern operated domains (European and Asian). That some variation in style, language, even technologies used, would develop online is, as it were, to be expected despite the fact that 'surfers' remain well aware of its global scale.


The economics of the Internet are fascinating. One blaring characteristic of the Web, for instance, is its role as a massive agora, or marketplace — not just for ideas, but for products, services, even raw materials. The progressive mores of commerce on the Web has even contributed to virtual currency, from PayPal's e-wallet to the extreme of BitCoins that are untethered from hard currencies.


Entertainment content, aside from its premise of providing amusement and diversion, must deploy the highest technology at the moment; for that reason entertainment often offers a glimpse of the future. If we're talking about the increasing familiarity that Web citizens are feeling for conducting business and handling money online (perhaps one of the best indicators of overall attitudes of trust towards the online environment) then a portentous example would be online casinos.

People, millions of people, have no qualms about enjoying a paypal casino at (a very popular guide site for the games), and also depositing their own funds. Tools like PayPal obviously have added to players' confidence. This can only expand to the entire Web, with all its varied commerce and emerging business models, encouraged by a very engaged base of users.


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